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Hey guys! I’m no longer going to be managing this blog. School stress is just too much and I don’t have time to draw these everyday. Thank you all so much for all your ideas and support! I’ll keep the blog up so you can look at them, but I most likely will NOT be making any more drawings, so please do not send me ideas! Thanks for sticking with me! If you want you can follow me on my main blog, Azuluh. 


Draw Leo having sextime with Calypso.

you guys haven’t given me an idea in like two months and then I get this

Welcome to Da Hood

Welcome to Da Hood


Hello! I’ve been absent recently… However, please do NOT send in scenes from House of Hades until I say so. I am thinking the end of next week sometime.. 19th? Thanks!!

Request: he’s commin for you

Request: It was outside. No church tall enough.

Request: Braid buddies?

what is the meaning of life

Request: Rachel puts up with A LOT

Request: Spoiler, Percy lost